SURVEY SAYS: News in Print

With all the ways we can get news now, newspapers are struggling to sell print editions.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Do you subscribe to the print edition of your local newspaper, and if you could only read one section, which one would it be?”

Seventy-two percent of responding readers subscribe to the print edition of their local newspaper, while 28% do not.

Asked if they could only read one section, which would it be, the top answer (49.3%) was local news, followed by comics and puzzles (16.4%) and sports (13.7%). Other choices included “home and leisure” (6.8%); “international news” (5.5%); “finance and business” (4.1%) and “obituaries” (4.1%).

In verbatim comments about print news and favorite sections, many readers expressed how they like the feel (and smell, I do that too) and relaxation that a print newspaper offers. Many only subscribe to the Sunday paper, some just for the coupons. One reader pointed out that I left out the Opinion/Politics section in my listing. While quite a few opt for TV or digital news (for the cheaper price and on-the-go access), it is clear from the comments that print news is preferred. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I just love the feel of newspaper in my hands. I’m the same with books, give me paper not a cold device of some type. Ok I just gave away my age.” 

Thanks to all who participated in the survey!


I like printed copy because I like to sell ad placement and what's trending and what selling, especially in the WSJ. Local paper only read the sports section anyway the rest of it is so politically liberal I can't stand it.

I still like to have the real thing to hold as I read.

In 2. above, you left out my favorite - opinion/politics!

I have a NY Times digital subscription, but I like supporting local news with a print subscription of the Boston Globe.

We subscribed to the print newspaper until about two months ago. The amount of money they wanted for delivery was outrageous. Now we just go out to get the Sunday paper (for coupons, etc.). It's faster to just watch the TV news LOL!

I only get the Sunday edition in print and the E-edition for the other days of the week, although I don't have time to read the E-edition.

Walter Cronkite said it best -- If you want to know what's going on, read a newspaper.

I don't subscribe because newspapers are messy and expensive. I literally don't have room to read or store them if I were to get behind.

Even with all the technology today, I still enjoy sitting at the kitchen table every day to read the local print newspaper.

The newspaper has shrunk in size, and the Saturday paper now looks like one of the Sunday inserts! Seriously considering cancelling my subscription as most of the news can be found online anyway. I do enjoy the Home and Leisure section and would miss that, but my pick of Obituaries as a favorite is because I find that the newspaper is the easiest way to skim thru them. I don't want to miss the opportunity to pay my respects to someone I know.

Verbatim (cont.)

I feel that print news is still relevant for some things if only for nostalgia. I honestly get 99% of my news online.

Although I live in a fairly large city, our local paper is delivered only 4 days a week. It is provided digitally for the other 3 days. It has been an adjustment, but I find that I almost prefer the digital edition now (due mostly to improvements in the digital layout and readability). Unfortunately, the local newspaper is a shadow of its former self despite dramatic increase in the cost of a subscription. I find that I also need to subscribe to a national newspaper to get a comprehensive picture of national and international news.

There are so many other mediums to get the news, sports, international news, etc. that the one section that I would want is the obituaries.

When I'm having my morning coffee, I enjoy reading an actual newspaper. I also like to look at the ads and clip coupons. However, we only get the paper Thurs - Sun.

We get the local paper for the local news. Their liberal bias on the national news is disappointing to say the least - mostly articles from The New York Times or Washington Post.

The comics tell me more about the world than most other news outlets.

I want the comics. Working in the retirement industry, I need all of the laughs I can get.

There is something relaxing about reading a paper instead digital

My husband and I are "old school" and subscribe to the print editions of the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and local paper. After all the news and opposing editorials, I read the funnies for a laugh and a little perspective on life.

Love hard-print local newspaper. Easy to read.

Verbatim (cont.)

Small town paper and section one is local and limited national news.

We only subscribe to the Sunday paper. During the week I read the news online. Nothing beats reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee outside, on my deck.

Print news is fun when I am traveling and visiting small communities. The news is less scary.

I do subscribe to the online edition of my local paper.

I like the smell of the Sunday paper

I only subscribe to the Sunday print edition - the only day I have time to sit and read it. The rest of the time, I read it on-line when I have a moment!

I subscribe to the print version of my local paper (The Washington Post) because I want to support its very fine reporting.

The best thing about perusing a newspaper is you run across stories that you wouldn't have actively seen when reading online. However, the cost of these little gems of knowledge has been increasing so significantly that I've chosen to glean irregular news by reading twitter instead...

It is more relaxing than reading on-line. Often the "funnies" provides the only laughter of a day.

We actually subscribe to two newspapers. One the big area paper and the other our small town paper. Big picture and small picture.

Verbatim (cont.)

I do get a print edition of WSJ and love it. Much better than the time suck of online news.

I subscribe online only - 1) save the trees, 2) online is way more convenient (viewing across multiple devices)

I grew up with the comics in print, and my kids enjoy that tradition too.

I live in a big city, but it has only one newspaper and it is the farthest thing from bi-partisan. My husband reads the sports page and Op-Eds and I read the comics and Op-Eds. Everything else just makes us laugh.

I just canceled my print subscription after receiving it for about 30 years. With my print subscription, I also recently had access to a digital edition which I would read on my iPad, and then would just recycle the print edition without looking at it - no more ink on my fingers. Now I have a digital only subscription at less than 10% of the cost of the print edition. My savings goes in my 401(k) account!

The section I throw away immediately is the Sports section!

My wife goes straight for the obituaries and I'll probably never understand why.

I still love to hold the newspaper and reading it online just doesn't do it for me. One of my retirement dreams is to subscribe to the print edition of the WSJ and actually have the time to read it!

I want my home to have an independent paper!

Local news is very important, to know what's going on in the community. The TV news might give 5 minutes of time, maybe 3 stories to local news, the newspaper gives more detail and more stories and local events.

Verbatim (cont.)


I only get the Sunday edition in print and that's mainly for the coupons.

We don't subscribe, but my husband purchases the paper on an almost daily basis. The Sunday edition is the only one I generally read.

I only subscribe to the weekend printed edition which also gives me access to the digital edition throughout the week. Unfortunately, I rarely have time to read anything other than the Sunday paper.

I take a state-wide paper of which I faithfully read the Sports Section and the comics. The local paper is good for local news - crime, drug arrest, yada!


I just love the feel of newspaper in my hands. I'm the same with books, give me paper not a cold device of some type. Ok I just gave away my age.

I get only our large Sunday paper. I like to sit and read it on Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee. During the week, I get my news from TV.

I only subscribe a limited number of days per week.


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Strategic Insight or its affiliates.