SURVEY SAYS: Oscar Best Picture Nominees

January 22, 2013 – Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, which best picture nominees have you seen and which do you think should win the Oscar?

“Argo” and “Les Misérables” were seen by 57.1% and 54.8% of responding readers, respectively. Half of respondents indicated they had seen “Lincoln.” “Les Misérables” and “Lincoln” were top choices for movies that should win the Oscar, each selected by 31.6% of respondents.  

“Silver Linings Playbook” and “Zero Dark Thirty” rounded out the top five pictures seen, with 33.3% and 21.4% of votes, respectively. “Django Unchained” and “Life of Pi” were each seen by 14.3% of readers who participated in the survey. “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and “Amour” were seen by 9.5% and 2.4%, respectively.  

“Argo” came in a distant third for the nominee that should win, with 13.2% of votes. “Silver Linings Playbook” received 7.9%, “Life of Pi” and “Zero Dark Thirty” each received 5.3%, and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and “Django Unchained” each received 2.6% of votes. No one selected “Amour.”  

Verbatim comments were generally dispassionate about the movies and the Academy Awards in general. Several readers indicated they hadn’t seen any of the movies. Because it reflects my own sentiment when I first saw the list of nominees, this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I haven’t even heard of many of them. Not sure what that means.”


Overall a pretty weak showing this year.  

None have made it to the local discount theatre yet, so I can't really choose an answer on either of these!!  

I am sorry to say that I will have seen NONE of the nominees as of 6 pm today.  

Too many of them.  

If Argo wins I am going to puke and may never watch another movie again. It was a decent film, nothing more nothing less. It is the picture of mediocrity and that should not win an Oscar. People are more surprised by Ben Affleck being a halfway decent director simply because he's one of the worst actors out there right now.  

You don't have an option for none. I haven't seen a movie in years.  

I don't watch the "Narcissistic" award shows. It just reminds me that I actually have to work for a living to go and pay $10 a ticket to watch a movie.  

Have not see a one of them and have no plans to see any of them. I saw Les Miz twice in Baltimore when it was off-Broadway and have no need to see the movie. The only one I might see when it comes to the cheap theater or on DVD and I can rent it would be Lincoln. I want my movies to be an escape from dealing with Pension Plans. Give me more of the Transformers series or the good old fashion John Wayne movies.  

Ben Affleck was snubbed as director  

This is the first time I haven't seen any of the nominees. I will be sure to update my Netflix queue.  

three of them deserved nominees the others do not. Lincoln and Les Miserable are the only ones I would care to see and I will on DVD when they come out  

I have not seen any of these movies.  

I haven't seen any. With two young kids, if it isn't a movie for them, I don't get to see it.  

Obviously, I didn't see all the movies, but I have seen enough movies to know that Les Mis was incredible and the making of it unprecedented. The acting was brilliant on top of being tasked with singing the entire script. A touching and moving story of hope, grace and love.  

I haven't seen any of them. Personally I think these award show are useless. Most of the movies that win are terrible. If a movie entertains me then it was a good move. It doesn't have to be considered a great picture to entertain me. Some of my most favorite movies don't have good actors, dialogue or special effects, they just entertain me.

Verbatim (cont.)  

I didn't see Caddy Shack II on the list?  

It's really close between Argo and Silver Linings Playbook for me, but the entire cast of SLP was truly outstanding.  

Really? Do we not have anything better to do with our time and money except pamper the egos of the famous? With the cost of going out for a movie, I expect nothing less than excellent performance.  

Have only seen two of the nominees so far so can't fairly vote. I will say I hope that Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence have long and successful careers.  

I've seen clips of Les Miserables, which is my favorite show of all time, and I plan to see it soon. I hope it wins something!  

I haven't even heard of many of them. Not sure what that means.  

Still need to see a few more before I can pick one!  

I continued my tradition of seeing only one of the nominees so I cannot make a fair assessment. Besides, watching the show and hearing the speeches nauseates me so I avoid as much of it as possible.  

The Academy and I rarely agree about the Best Picture. I'm not remotely interested in any of these movies. A best picture, for me, is one that makes me laugh, celebrates relationships and avoids violence. To Hollywood, those movies are throw-aways...  

I'd have to see more to pick which one should win. Silver Linings Playbook was very good but not an Oscar winner. Lincoln was boring. The movie was way too long. Have heard great things about Les Mis.  

Hard to compare them as they are not all the same type film and reasons for their popularity are so different. I really liked all those that I saw.  

I plan on seeing possibly 3 more but frankly it is getting hard to see them until they come out as DVD or "on demand" as they turnover the lesser revenue earning pictures so fast.  

I haven't seen any of these!  

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a stretch.  

I can't believe I have actually seen a couple of the movies on the list this year. They usually nominate movies I have no interest in or have never even seen promotions on.  

I only saw Lincoln and was disappointed. My son saw Django and said it was really good. 


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.