SURVEY SAYS: Signs of Spring

The switch to daylight saving time (DST) used to be the signal that spring was here to me, but now that DST comes earlier, that’s no longer the case.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “What signifies spring to you, and what do you think about daylight saving time?”

Twenty-two percent of responding readers said the first flowers blooming signifies the start of spring to them, while 10.6% indicated consecutive days of warm weather signifies spring. The ‘official’ start date of spring—March 20—tells 8.2% of respondents spring is here, while 7.1% said it is when the first trees bloom. Nearly 5% said Easter or Passover lets them know it’s spring, and more than 1% each chose “start of major league baseball season,” “ACC basketball tournament” and “schools have spring break.”

The largest percentage of readers responding to the survey (41.2%) selected “other” signals that spring is here, although many of the answers listed were just more specific versions of what was on the list. For example, one reader said, “Here in Mass, no matter the weather, spring starts for many of us when the Red Sox equipment truck leaves Fenway for Spring Training. It’s simply known as ‘Truck Day.’” Many readers listed allergies, when the snow melts enough to see the grass, the Masters golf tournament or being able to play golf and the sight of robins and other migratory birds as signals that spring is here.

“Other” responses also included:

  • My wedding anniversary
  • When I get up and leave work, it’s light out
  • When I have to re-calculate the times to call anywhere outside of Alaska!
  • I would say spring flowers but then my jonquils poked through the ground in January.
  • When Spring is in the air (i.e. the world smells good again).
  • The snow birds start heading north (except of course these past 2 winters).
  • Being able to hit the bike trails!
  • 401(k) Testing Season
  • Leaving the house without cursing the weather.
  • The start of lacrosse season used to be my indicator however as the sport grows games start earlier and earlier. For now I am using opening day of baseball but that is creeping earlier and earlier also.
  • When it is warm enough to ride my Harley, and without worrying about salt and sand on the roads.
  • I can take my snow blower in for its annual maintenance
  • Making maple syrup signifies spring to me. The process requires days above freezing and nights below freezing to make the sap move in the trees.

Responding readers were nearly evenly split about whether daylight saving time (DST) should be discontinued, with 38.8% saying yes and 40% saying no. More than 21% indicated they have no opinion about it.

More than half of NewsDash readers will set their clocks for DST Saturday night before bed. More than 16% indicated they will set some clocks on Saturday and some on Sunday, 10.6% will set them on Sunday morning when they wake up, and 8.2% will set them all through the day Sunday. Nearly 11% chose “other,” with many saying their clocks will set themselves, one reading noting his/her state does not observe DST, and another reader noting that there will probably be an elusive clock not set until July.

The majority of readers who left comments expanded upon their thoughts about daylight saving time (without the ‘s’ on saving, as one commenter pointed out). Readers believe DST is no longer helpful; however, many would prefer to stay on DST all year long rather than stay on standard time all year long. One reader said, “I do enjoy the later evenings with daylight. But I don't like the mornings is there a way to stretch it both ways?” Among those commenting about spring, it was obvious they are anxious for it to arrive. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I used to think spring was warmer temperatures and green grass, but in Boston this year, it will be the great floods from eight foot snow piles.”

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey!



In my opinion daylight savings time has outlived its usefulness. It should be discontinued or at least the start of daylight savings time should be changed back to the original start of the first Sunday in April.

I am a runner and prefer to run after work, so DST is a big day for me as I am able to get my outdoor runs in the light after work. Conversely, I loath the day in November when we return to standard time.

Archaic as refusing to use the metric system.

Originally started to save energy, I believe studies have shown that energy savings is minimal. It's time to" Let It Go" (my apologies to those still dealing with winter weather). Plus, dealing with an additional hour of time difference because we don't observe DST is a pain. Side note: y'all are welcome to join us in Hawaii, where today our high will be 78.

I do appreciate that the days are getting longer, little by little.

I think that even the current Congress could agree on ending daylight savings time.

Personally, if we are going to use it...all States should use it, or not use it! Not like we need daylight savings anymore to get the crops took care of that!

I do enjoy the later evenings with daylight. But I don't like the mornings is there a way to stretch it both ways? ":P)

DST is a thing of the past; first, you cannot 'save' daylight; second, I use more electricity after the DST change because I have to turn lights on in the morning.... and I hate getting up in the dark...

I like DST, once my body gets adjusted. But the older I get, the longer it takes to do that.

Verbatim (cont.)

I update the obvious stuff (alarm clock, kitchen appliances, thermostat) Saturday night, but I always forget a device or two (not to mention six watches) until I notice they're off. At least the car, phones, tablets, and PCs take care of themselves now.

I hate losing the hour but I love the extra hour of light.

I love DST in the fall, and hate it in the spring.

Please, please, PLEASE stop adding the "s" at the end of "saving." It is correctly called "Daylight Saving Time." It is not the name of a bank where we save daylight. Although, Daylight Savings & Loan would be an interesting place to contemplate. I would prefer switching to DST for the entire year. I do not mind if I am up before sunrise, but I dislike arriving home from work after sunset. Regarding spring, we always have a huge party on the official first day of spring. It started several years ago as a birthday party for our friend Vernal Edwards, but after we realized the calendar printers did not repeat the exact same typographical error each year we switched it to a spring celebration.

It's such a short period now that it's worthless. The older I get, the harder it is to adjust in the spring when we lose an hour. It should be kept on DST all year long, or else just don't do it at all.

I hate losing that hour of sleep and having it darker in the morning. I won't truly enjoy that extra hour of daylight until the weather is warm enough to get out and enjoy it!

We should do away with the time changes but stay on DST year round

Spring! A time of budding enthusiasm, budding plants, and growing sinus issues. The very thought that Spring is coming makes me smile. I'm really ambivalent about DST; it's not that I have "no opinion," it's more that I have too many of them, and no one's winning the argument!

Arizona got it right in not changing the clocks. Going forward messes with our internal circadian rhythms with no tangible benefits. Leave the time alone!

We truly do not need daylight savings time anymore. Let's just leave it alone. Parts of Indiana did and the people who live there have no issues.

Verbatim (cont.)

I have the luxury of living in Southern California and we had a very mild winter (again) this year. The oak trees started blooming about a month ago.

Love Daylight Savings!!!

I wondered why I was getting heavier until I realized, due to DST, it was possible to schedule 2 lunch meetings in parts of Kentucky.

I love that it’s still light when I leave the office!

Daylight savings time is my FAVORITE day of the year - even better than Christmas!

here in the northeast, there is little correlation between the two events. Sometimes it seems there is no spring at all just a quick change over from winter to summer.

This year spring will be the day we have no more snow in the yard, drifts are 6 feet on 3-4.

to me, spring represents rebirth, renewal and another chance to get things right! love it!

I see no point whatever in DST. It's an annoyance. They tell us in the Fall that we gain an hour of sleep, and in the Spring that we lose an hour. Oh, yeah? The way I figure it, we don't gain anything in the Fall and lose two hours in the Spring what with all the time it takes to reset all of the clocks and watches.

If you get rid of DST, set the clocks at DST time year round.

Verbatim (cont.)

Wish my state would stay on DST all year. Dislike darkness so early in the evening during the winter.

Spring can't get here soon enough!

Stop this constant switch of time twice a year! There is no good reason for these disruptions. NEWS FLASH - you get the same number of daylight hours regardless and driving to work or from work in darkness is still "driving in the dark".

I wish we could have DST all year. I dislike having to change the clocks.

With less than 2% of the American population farming, do we still need an agricultural calendar device to be in place anymore? And the lack of alignment with the UK can make for challenging calendars for two weeks each year.

I would like to see the clocks moved 1 hour forward between 2 and 3 p.m. on Monday. That would get the work week off to a good (and shorter) start.

Snow or freezing temperatures should not be allowed on Spring starts

Is there REALLY a credible purpose for daylight savings time anymore? I see it just as getting our bodies out of rhythm and having to readjust twice a year to when it gets light and dark outside. There must be some logical reason that still applies for continuing this practice...?

Daylight savings time is silly in the modern era. It provides no substantive benefit as it doesn't affect the amount of sunlight we get. It merely shifts it.

I used to think spring was warmer temperatures and green grass, but in Boston this year, it will be the great floods from eight foot snow piles.

I think Daylight Standard Time should remain all year round. Spring to me is the sound of the birds singing in the early morning and the peepers peeping in the pond at sunset.  


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.