January 28, 2013 - The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are headed to Super Bowl XLVII.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Which team do you hope wins?”  

More responding readers are pulling for the 49ers (43%) than the Ravens (33%). Twenty percent said they don’t care who wins because neither is their team, and 4% said they don’t care because they don’t like or watch football.  

In the verbatim responses, some readers indicated they care more about the Super Bowl commercials than the game; a few were just happy the Patriots didn’t make it to the Super Bowl; and some feel more of a connection to Michael Oher after seeing the movie “The Blind Side.” One lucky reader is actually going to the Super Bowl this year.  

Editor’s Choice goes to two respondents this time because of their logic: “I hope that the Ravens win because I am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe,” and “Since I am from California, I will root for the 49ers; but since I like Edgar Allen Poe, I will feel great if the Ravens win.”


I usually focus on the commercials, but lately they haven't been that good! 


The Harbaugh Bowl will be the most hyped Super Bowl of all time. Go Niners! 


I don't want the 49ers catching the Pittsburgh Steelers in number of Super Bowl wins. 


Go Michael Oher!!! 


Cheering for the Ravens, only because I'm still mad at the 49ers for beating my Packers! 


As a Bay Area girl, my 49r's are still the top of my fav list of teams! Since moving around the country, I have acquired a couple more teams I love, but, (cue refrain)...I Left My Heart in SF!! 


It doesn't really matter who wins, just so it's a good game and the commercials are fun! 


Just let it be a good game! 


Go 9ers! 


May the best team win! Obviously they're better than ours! 


I really wish they could both lose, don't care for either one! I will watch it though, hopefully the commercials will make it worth my while.


I don't have a team in the hunt this year but would prefer the Ravens over the 9ers. 


would not survive without the wager, chip dip, and high priced commercials 


I'm going to bet on the Ravens so that if they win, I have the money to comfort me. If the 49ers win, as I hope, I won't feel bad forking over the dough. 


I look forward to gathering with friends and family, feasting, and discussing the commercials. Oh, and watching some football. 


Ray Lewis is nothing more than a common criminal 


I hope that the Ravens win because I am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe. 


Don't know either team, but 49ers are in California and so am I... 


I hate the 49ers, but I think they will probably win. 


Ray Lewis is a felon with too much money to be punished. 


The 49'ers aren't my team, but I can't cheer for Baltimore; Go 9'ers!


I hate the love-fest of Ray Lewis, and can't wait until he disappears. Let's go Niners! 


Since I am from California, I will root for the 49ers; but since I like Edgar Allen Poe, I will feel great if the Ravens win. 


Are you kidding me? I'm still trying to find out if Beyonce did lip time for football! ":P) 


Chicago Bears - best Super Bowl Champions ever. 


I'm a die-hard Ravens fan, but if we lose at least it would be to a team we consider "in the family" given the two coaches are brothers. That said, it really looks like the stars are aligning to have Ray go out on top and that's a very good thing. 


I guess I may have to go with the 49ers because Jim Harbaugh used to be MY team's QB. 


I can't stand watching the hypocritical Ray Lewis prancing around so I hope the Niners light up his defense for 50 points 


I still haven't forgiven the Ravens for leaving Cleveland. 


As a Cleveland Browns fan, I can NEVER root for Baltimore 


I like Baltimore even less than the 49ers. The whiney SF coach trumps the unconvicted murderer Ray Lewis.


So glad to see the Patriots go down! J-E-T-S Jets, JETS, JETS!! 


Michigan fan looking forward to seeing Jim Harbaugh win the big one. 


I chose the 49ers although I really don't care who wins. I just hope it is a good game! 


I hope they both lose. Seriously, is there even one thing to like about either of these teams? 


This one is unique - having brothers coaching against each other is special. I still hope to see the Manning brothers go against each other, even if Peyton is no longer one of my Colts. The adulation of Ray Lewis bothers me a bit. 


I am pulling for the Rookie Quarterback even though he beat my team, the Falcons. 


Any team that humiliates the Patriots is okay in my book. Go Ravens! 


Either Team can win. I am rooting for the Ravens cause the 49ers have won several Superbowls aleady. 


Only because Michael Orr plays for the Ravens and I loved his story in Blindside. 


I hope the 49ers drag the Ravens through the mud - (Patriot's FAN) 



When Ray Lewis retires, maybe I could stomach a game with the Ravens playing. 


It's Ray's last ride, it would be great to see him go out on top. 


I'm a Patriots fan, so go 49ers! I'm also glad that this year's game will be Manning free! 


I am probably not even going to watch the game this year. Both coaches are arrogant, the new QB for San Francisco is an odd duck and I have had about enough of Ray Lewis. Man, does that guy know when the camera is on him! 


I want to watch a good game, not a blow out. If that happens it will not matter what team wins. 


As a Pats fan, I'm rooting against the Ravens. 


Go Ravens!!!! 


What exactly do they do with this "Super Bowl" that they win? Do they eat really amazing soup out of it or something? 


My team didn't even make it to the playoffs this year. The team I most like to see lose (the Patriots) did so ahead of "schedule". Pushed to pick a team, I'd go with the Ravens, but mostly I don't care cause I'M GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! 



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