SURVEY SAYS: What gets you going in the mornings?

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “What, other than coffee, revives you and gets you ready to tackle the day?”

A few readers couldn’t resist mentioning the cup of coffee, including the one who asked “There’s something other than coffee??” and the reader who listed a few morning activities, but with a cup of coffee in hand during each one.  

Most responding readers listed other beverages, both caffeinated and decaffeinated. Many mentioned physical activities, including a handful that mentioned an activity that will remain unmentioned for those sensitive NewsDash readers. There were also mental and spiritual activities mentioned. 

The response that made me laugh out loud was: “I work with 11 women, one is the director (I’m the token male supervisor). Did you say coffee or coffin? I’m…ready for either.” My favorite response was: “PLANSPONSOR’s NewsDash of course!”


Meditation. It may not be relaxing during, but afterward, I feel more equipped to tackle the day! 🙂 




Genmai Cha (A Japanese green tea with brown rice and popped rice) 


brisk walk with the dog... who am I kidding, it is way too early in the morning to do that! 




Diet Pepsi 


Oh, the glare of the blasted computer screen & those wonderful, multiple emails, of course!! 


A nice hot shower gets me going in the morning. 


Reading the morning comics and doing the puzzles (sudoku, crossword and cryptogram). Also having a good breakfast. 


Tea, preferably oolong tea, hot-strong-and sugar free. 


A long hot shower 


A pressing deadline revitalizes me like nothing else! 


daily poem from Panhala...gentle and thoughtful way to enter each hectic workday. 


Diet Coke :o) 


In addition to coffee what revives me is 20 minutes or more of gentle Yoga excercise. 


Diet COKE 


Good music! Not a fan of talk radio in the morning... 

Verbatim (cont.)  

Thirty minutes of exercise and a long shower. 


I love to take an early morning walk. It gets the blood moving and improves my attitude for the day. 


Mountain Dew 


A good, uninterrupted, night's sleep...and no morning uproar before I leave for the office...... 


A glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal with milk - in other words "breakfast"! 


Diet Mt. Dew (on the way to work) then coffee keeps me going. Also, talking to co-workers helps me recharge my batteries. 


My elliptical machine (plus the coffee, of course). 


I just need about half an hour of quiet time without any noise from other people, the radio, the tv, etc. 


Mountain Dew 


Diet Dr. Pepper 


Daily Bible & devotional reading, exercising on my eliptical & then having an envigorating shower! 


Each morning I try to remember to answer these 3 questions: what am I looking forward to today? what do I want to accomplish today? what am I grateful for today? The answers give me a positive and focused start to my day, and the energy to go forth and do my best! 


hot tea 


Usually an orange juice or grape juice will do the trick. Also, drinking plenty of water helps. 


The thought of spending the entire day with my retired spouse gets me up and out the door to the relative peace and quiet of my office - where I give the orders! 


Exercise (walking the dog for 45 minutes each morning) 




diet coke 


A shower and breakfast! Most important meal of the day! 


Coffee is essential, but before my first cup at home, I take a 15 minute brisk walk around my block regardless of the weather (including winter when it can be below -0- here in Northeast). Can organize what needs to be done during the day.

Verbatim (cont.)  

Diet Coke with Lime. I can get going without the coffee, but the Diet Coke is a must! 


Reading the morning newspaper 


I wake up the moment I grab my iPhone from the nightstand and check out my Words with Friends games. It's become my cherished morning routine--lounging those last moments in bed, listening to talk radio and playing Words with Friends. 


My ADRENALIN song mix on my iPod - from Janis Joplin to Black Sabbath to Led Zepplin to Alice Cooper to Eminem to Linkin Park - by the time I get to the office I am definitely pumped. 




Taking the dog for a walk; it's probably a good thing she NEEDS to go out otherwise I would probably lay in bed longer. 


Tea, usually 2 cups. 


Fully leaded Pepsi; a tall one. 


No sugar added Mocha Ice Rage best drink even in cold weather. I can finally say hello morning 


I can't survive the morning without a diet Mountain Dew. 


I must have a shower in the morning in order to wake up. 


I drink a glass of ice water every morning to start my day. 


A large glass of cold milk - yum, comfort food! 


Diet Coke. I don't like the bitter after taste of coffee. 


"Get Ready" by Rare Earth...but at 27 minutes, I never get to hear the end since my commute is shorter. 


A 30 minute walk with friends at 6 am (unless it's below 20 degrees 


Two large cups of caffeinated breakfast tea. 


Breakfast - usually a bowl of Cheerios. 


Diet Coke or Iced Tea 

Verbatim (cont.)  

Mountain Dew...Dew...Dew.....Dew!!!!!! 


Diet Coke is my drink of choice---unless at someone else's house when I choose Earl Grey Hot Tea, to be more socially correct. 


Half an hour on the elliptical 


The hour long power nap I take on the train on the way into work! Saturdays and Sundays I find myself sleepy around 10 am, having missed my nap! 


I am a tea drinker 


Going to the gym. I get up at 5:00am every morning and hit the treadmill, free weights and bike. Love it! 


There's something other than coffee?? 


Diet Mountain Dew 


I hate coffee, can't even stand the smell of it. A good night's sleep is best. But when I need extra help in the morning, I get a Chai tea. 


On a non work day, I get up early and go to the gym or take a hike, I always feel as though I am capable of anything after that. ( Have to hit the gym after work on work days so a cup of coffee is nice, but quite frankly just is not the same!) 


1-12 oz can of Dr Pepper, for the caffeine. Was drinking diet but now Dr P10. Too much sugar in regular Dr P. 


Chocolate. I can't breath very well when I take caffeine in any other form! A small candy kiss, only about 10 calories does the job. 


Shower and breakfast. 


Early's soooooooooooo much easier to get up when it's already light outside. 




Besides more coffee?? Walking the garden witha cup of coffee in hand, reading on the sofa with a cup of coffee in hand, followed by a morning shower. 


1. Diet Cola, cold, caffeinated and effervescent 2. Anticipation of breakfast 3. a quick mental review of what I want to accomplish 


a nice long shower 


Plan Sponsor's NewsDash of course! 


taking a shower 

Verbatim (cont.)  



Coca Cola Classic 


Mountain Dew, though I'm trying to make the switch to coffee. 


A glass of O.J. with a splash of Cranberry. 


Pepsi gotta have it 


Cold Diet Coke 


Green tea, brewed at home, and poured over ice. 


Homemade oatmeal, the slow cooking kind, with nuts and blueberries, followed by a nice cup of coffee of course! 


I work with 11 women, one is the director (I'm the token male supervisor). Did you say coffee or coffin? I'm...ready for either. 


Just getting up and moving through morning activities (which includes laundry, dishes, etc.) gets me ready to tackle my workday. 




a brisk walk with my dog Gus is a good way to start, then coffee and more coffee 


Before leaving for work, I read in USA Today that my household's share of Federal debt and retiree commitments is $561,254. The article also reminds me that Social Security isn't a legal commitment - just kind of a maybe promise. So I think I'd better get to work, because the governments needs my tax money and Social Security is a maybe. 




idiot commentaries about the "broken" 401(k) 


Exercise! I love my early morning runs. There's nothing better to clear your head and get you moving - literally. 


A nice hot shower and my morning prayers revives me and gets me in gear to tackle my day. 


A good night sleep, which doesn't happen often enough. 


Ice water is my coffee! Even in the winter, I must have several glasses first thing in the morning! 


Iced tea gets me going. 


working out 


Heavy metal music.
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