SURVEY SAYS: What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl XLV Commercial?

February 10, 2011 ( - Super Bowl XLV certainly had its share of memorable moments – a good game, record viewership, and the now infamous “lyrics malfunction” by Christina Aguilera.   
That said, the reviews were mixed when it came to the commercials (and the half-time show, but that’s something for another day).  This week I’d like to know which one(s) you liked best – and which you didn’t like/get.  

Before we get to the commercials, I also asked readers for their comments on the “events” around the Super Bowl itself (pre-game, half-time, commercials, etc?

As you’ll see from the verbatims that follow, folks had very different takes.  Mostly the commercials got a thumbs down (or at least sideways) from prior years, the game got a thumbs up (as one reader noted, “Actually, this time the game was more exciting than the “events” around it”), and as for the musical acts – well, I’ll let you read for yourself.

For those of you who are anxious to get to the commercials, they’re waiting for you at 

But don’t forget to come back and check out the verbatims!  And thanks again for participating in our surveys!

I thought the halftime show was weak, even though I like the Black Eyed Peas.  But I liked the "light up" suits the dancers were wearing.  I need one of those!

If you don't know the words, don't sing the song.

Half-time stunk.

Thought the halftime show was probably one of the best ones they have had.

Half time show sucked...good thing we have DVR and can skip it all!!

I love Fergie and the boys, so I was disappointed that the half-time show was somewhat of a dud.

The only commercial I really laughed at was the "House" spinoff of the famous Mean Joe Green Coke commercial. Funny, and totally in character - and I don't even watch House!

Game was great.  Commercials, not so great -- I big disappointment this year.  Pregame show -- thumbs up.  Seeing to old top ten commercials was a big plus.  Seems like a lot of companies should start looking for some new advertising talent, I'm just saying...

If there's one thing that drives me absolutely crazy at the Super Bowl and other sporting events, it's the stylization of the National Anthem.  It's disrespectful and can, as seen last week and many times before, be dreadful.  Sing it as it was written and with the appropriate respect.  It's a national anthem not the latest dribble on the radio.

I'm either getting too old or too smart. I'm no connoisseur of good advertising but I know when my line has been crossed in taste and propriety. I know I have (alot) more money to spend than a 20 or 30-something and I'll spend it on your product cuz I'm convinced I "need" it but not cuz of the near naked body, sexual innuendo or the sophomoric and overused hit-below-the-belt trick. Hey Madison Ave if you want my money then grow up to my level cuz I'm done stooping to yours.


Pre-game was absolutely tedious, capped off by Xtina's embarrassing and screechy performance. The half-time show set a new standard for irrelevance--awful audio quality, flat performance and personality, some neat LED effects that unfortunately didn't really complement the performance (and I'm forgiving the technical difficulties they had). The commercials crop was lean this year, a few truly memorable ones in a positive sense, a few truly memorable for their "awfulness", most of a creative quality that was "un-Super Bowl worthy."

It was a decent game. The rest was a yawn. My favorite SB commercial of all time was Herding Cats, but it never seems to make anyone else's list. Seems odd because its the only one I can think of that has actually added a phrase to everyday vocabulary. And why the heck with all the talent there is in this world can't they find someone who can actually sing to do the National Anthem? She not only goofed up the words, she was flat at least three times.

Commercials..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (get the picture?)

The commercials have definitely went downhill over the past few years.

The Super Bowl was on this weekend?

The Peas did what they do, no more, no less. The technical difficulties just highlighted how much they depend on catchy beats and lots and lots of glitz. Prince, Bruce and the Rolling Stones  (in that order) are still the best Superbowl halftime performances of the post-nipple gate era.

I learned that I will never use Teleflora for sending flowers.  I may also stop buying Pepsi products.  I also saw enough Glee commercials to never want to watch the show.  I've also seen enough violent previews for science fiction movies to last a lifetime.  As so many children are tuned in to the game, I am amazed at what advertisers are permitted to show.  I was particularly appalled at the Teleflora and Pepsi Max Reading thoughts commercials and was surprised that they would outdo the GoDaddy commercials for inappropriate material.  I guess I am showing my age by enjoying the nostalgic Carmax customer service, NFL fans and the House Mean Joe Greene commercials.

It's a family event and I am disgusted when I see some of the commercials that companies, after much thought and cost, broadcast.  There should be a PG rating on every commercial - or it's not accepted for broadcast.


I hated how Christina Aguilera was singing the national anthem even without the lyrics disaster. Oh my bleeding ears! Just stick to the melody, please. Ew, and every line belted out at top volume. This isn't Broadway! The whole thing was so distasteful.

The events around the Super Bowl were way too drawn out.

"The Budweiser Old West commercial was disappointing and that is an under estimation.  I would have rather seen the horses play football again  or the more of  dog and the horse training together.

Thankfully this was a decent game, otherwise there would have been no point in watching just for the commercials."

The half time show was atrocious. It was the worst parts of Tron meets the worst parts of Footloose. When Slash appeared on stage, I wondered what kind psychedelic meds I was put on this weekend that had me seeing a member of Guns 'n Roses playing guitar with a bedazzled linebacker at the Super Bowl.

Game was better than the commercials this year.  Overall, very disappointed with the quality.

Worse than usual halftime show.  Commercials, as a whole, were disappointing.

The game was amazing!  I have also heard a lot of people complain about the half-time show but I really enjoyed it.

Thank God for Redbox....

Pre-game seemed like the red carpet at the Oscars, not a sporting event!

"This was the weakest bunch of commercials in recent years.

Maybe I am getting older, but I didn't think much of the half-time show."

"I don't get the hype around the mini-darth vader commercial.

Poor Christina.  Never quite good enough.

The BEP did their thing and did it well.  I'm not a fan of ""their thing"" but my 3 year old was dancing like crazy."


Pre-game was great.  Half time was... well, I got up and left after a few minutes (bad sound).  National anthem singing - disgraceful.  Commercials - very good.

"The commercials were not too exciting this year.  Way too many commercials for movies and all the movies tried to look like epic disaster movies.  As a Wisconsite and Packers fan, the day turned out just right - WE WON!  GBGB - God Bless Green Bay!

It was interesting that Favre's name was never mentioned and that Jerry Jones was never shown.  I'm ok with both those not happening."

When Christina had the "lyrics malfunction" I thought I was losing it (I was singing along - I know, scary).  And while it looked like everyone was having a fabu time - the best place to watch is still in front of a big screen in your own home, without having to go far for sustenance or wait in line for a restroom!

Jerry Jones should be embarrassed at the debacle he put together for the SB between the seating mishap and the awful playing condition of the turf field!

Usually watch for the commercials, but this time the game was just as good, especially the second half.

I'm not really a Slim Shady fan, but I did like the Chrysler 200 commercial "imported from Detroit"

It would be a pleasant surprise if the celebrity chosen to sign our national anthem actually learned the lyrics.....


"Worst. Half-time. Show. Ever.

The Black-eyed Peas are some of the most awful, over-produced, no-talent crud in music today. Also, when I thought it coudln't get any worse, they brought out the Dirty dancing reference. Blech! That's like 10 minutes of my life I;ll NEVER get back."

I've pretty much come out of mourning the Steelers' loss...

So happy that my Pack melted Steel!!

The commercials were average at best. I always look forward to the commercials more than the game, kind of my personal "Oscar" celebration (although this year the game was GREAT since I live in Wisconsin!) but I was disappointed. The national anthem turned out to be better than any of the commercials.

Sound system for Black Eyed Peas was lousy and I didn't like that they were always facing just one side of the stadium, basically ignoring the two end zones and the people on other side from camera.

People my age were definitely not the target demographic for the half-time show.  I thought the Black-Eyed Peas were terrible - this is the best they can come up with for the biggest football game of the year?!

I'm not a football fan, so I rate Super Bowls on the basis of the commercials, the half-time show, and the party I'm at.  This year, only the Super Bowl party I attended - full of good food, great friends, and our kids - met my expectations.