SURVEY SAYS: What was your favorite Super Bowl XLVI commercial?

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers which Super Bowl XLVI commercial was their favorite.

The general consensus, both by votes and verbatim comments, was that the commercials were unimpressive this year. Nearly 2% of readers said none of them was their favorite.  

That said, Doritos “Man’s Best Friend” commercial received 20.8% of respondents’ votes. M&Ms “Just My Shell” (13.2%), Chrysler “It’s Halftime in America” (12.3%), and Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back” (11.3%) rounded out the top four. Bud Light “Rescue Dog” was a distant fifth with 4.7% of readers choosing that commercial as their favorite.  

Half of the commercials didn’t get chosen by any readers, and the other half received less than 4% of votes.  


Too dark, too evil oriented, too “unreal”. These used to be entertaining and clever but that no longer applies. None of them would make me want to buy the product being advertised.  


weak selection this year. 


A pretty weak bunch 


Teleflora & Chrysler ads were the WORST! 


In general the commercials were very uninspiring. I got a few laughs out of some of them but was mostly disappointed. I was intrigued at the Republican response to Clint Eastwood’s Halftime in America ad blaming the Democrats for sponsoring this ad. 


Kind of disappointed that most of the ads were leaked before the Super Bowl. Not much to look forward to during the commercials. Great game though! 


I chose Honda CR-V because I think that’s the Ferris Buehler commercial. I hope I’m right. 


My favorite was the one for “The Voice” with Betty White. I did not see it above, so I picked my second favorite. 


It was really a tie between the Doritos sling baby and the Chrysler Its Halftime America. 


overall over-hyped-what were these people thinking??? – at least the game lived up to the hype 


Not near as funny as in the past. Seems the price is going up and the laughs are going down. Something wrong with that picture. 


Both Doritos were good. Volkswagon with the dog also good. King’s Court was the wierdest, and that is ok. 


The M&M ad was my favorite, but David Beckham in his undies was pure eye candy. 


It was hard to remember what they’ were advertising most of the time in their attempt to be clever! 


Still haven’t beaten the Apple Computer 1984 commercial from years ago.

Verbatim (cont.) 

It's a good thing the game was so good, because the commercials and half time were BORING. 


Clint Eastwood's "Halftime in America" ad has created a big stir in the media about what it actually means. How about we just take it at face value? We all could use a little inspiration. We certainly aren't going to get our engines roaring by listening to the politicians over the next 9 months. 


The commercials were very boring this year. 


Some standouts but overall a pretty weak showing. 


All in all, the commercials were as disappointing as the outcome - Obviously I'm a Pats fan. 


Overall not as good as in previous years 


Reminds me of a line in the movie Animal House; "...fat, drunk & stupid is that what you want..." 


Mostly I thought this year's entrants were a disappointment - mundane enough to make me long for the days when it was tough to find the opportunity to answer nature's call. Then again, maybe it was the sheer afterglow of watching the Patriots choke. Again! 


As a horse lover I have always looked forward the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdales. I was disappointed in this year's version. 


It was nice to have a year where the game was more fun than the commercials...which means that the game was better than "usual" and the commercials were...not.
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