SURVEY SAYS: What Would You Like From Santa This Year?

December 23, 2009 ( - Realizing that many readers would be out – or at least “preoccupied” this week, last week I asked readers what their holiday work schedule would be this week.

More than a third (35.8%) said they would be closed Christmas Even (tomorrow), though that means that roughly two-thirds were open. 

That said, among those who were open, nearly half (44.3%) said they would be closing early, another 23% said they would be closing early (just not officially), and almost 14% said they would “probably” be closing early.

As a “bonus” question, I asked readers what they would like “Santa” (secret or not-so-secret) to put under the tree for them this Christmas – whether they had been “naughty” or nice. 

As a “bonus” question, I asked readers what they would like “Santa” (secret or not-so-secret) to put under the tree for them this Christmas – whether they had been “naughty” or nice. 

The responses ran the gamut from the serious to silly – and some “silly” that were, it seemed “serious.”  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did – and for all who participated, I hope you get your fondest wishes this holiday season!

The responses are presented, more or less, in alphabetical order on the following pages:



2 extra weeks of vacation.

a "deep house cleaning" certificate to any maid service!

A 25 year old sexy nanny to take care of the grandkids for a few days, so me and Gaga could slip out of town and play some motel games.

A better year for the market and the world in 2010!

A big fat retirement check.

A big sack of money.

A bonus.

A copy of the movie "The Cheaters"

A copy of the US Constitution for every member of congress and a pass/fail test to keep their seat a week after delivery.

A day of peace and quiet.

A guaranteed, winning lottery ticket.

A healthy new year.

A higher Fed Funds Rate.

A huge contribution to my 401k!!

A job for all my family members who have lost their job and are unable to find one.  I currently have 5 looking for work and they will all be at my home for Christmas dinner.

A kindle

A Kindle and a treadmill

A naughty lingerie modeling elf?

A new bike!  Really.  Makes me feel like a little kid again!

A new boat

A new boy friend

A new car (let's dream big, but a small-ish car)!

A new car , but the tree would have to be really big.

A new compact super zoom digital camera.  I love taking pictures of wildlife, but am tired of lugging around a big, bulky camera.

A new golf driver ( hopefully it comes with fewer strokes!).

a new job!

A new job.

A new job.

A new laptop to replace our seven-year-old desktop that died last month.

A new toilet.  Rather than under the tree, it would be great if Santa would leave it in the bathroom, hooked up and ready to flush!  I wonder if he has elves that can do that?  (Sometimes it's the everyday things in life that should be appreciated.)

A nice big check for our pension contribution!

A nice long nap...

a note - Yes, there really is a retirement in your future.

A puppy - and someone to housebreak and walk the puppy when I am at work for 12 hrs.

a retirement package that will allow me to live comfortably, along with good medical benefits, to begin immediately.

a Treadmill!

A trip to somewhere warm and relaxing.

A vacation on a deserted island!

A winning Mega Millions ticket. If not that, a fruit cake.

A year with no layoffs, no pay freezes and no salary cuts. Oh, and a Wii.

all my family

All my family safe and sound and fully employed.

All that I could wish for is continued good health, financial stability, and the love of family and friends.  Ok, and maybe something that'll help me overcome my midlife crisis.

An address sign for my front lawn so the pizza delivery drivers will stop knocking on our door at all hours because they can't find the street they are looking for.

An electric guitar. (It's part of my late mid-life crisis.)

an extra hour a day that's just for me - where I don't have to worry about anyone or anything else


Another week of vacation - or an assistant.

As  a state employee, I would like to get my two weeks pay back plus the lost increments and deferred comp!  But I really need no "things"; I have a job, a healthly, mostly stable family, a wonderful husband, dear friends, and the companionship of two wonderful dogs - what else is there?

Beatles Rock Band

Best Buy gift cards so I can buy a netbook.

Blitzen crocs in black and red, (Go Rutgers!)

Bottle of 20 yr old scotch

diamond earnings

Digital SLR camera

First Class, one-way tickets to the Island of Misfit Toys for all those so called journalists that wrote one-sided stories about the death of 401(k)'s!  I hate it that you need a degree in Sales to be a journalist these days!

Funding Relief for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

golf clubs for my retirement

Good health for me and my family in 2010.

Good, fun, relaxing time off with my family!

He's putting a big screen TV under the tree, whether my wife wants it or not.

Hobby items

I am still pining for a PS3 despite being 30 years old constant ridicule from my wife that I am not over video games yet. But for any others who are also interested in the PS3 but have to fight off the same ridicule...just pitch it for the Blu-Ray player and act surprised to know that it also plays video games!!

I give Santa the choice between providing Peace on Earth or issuing fee disclosure regulations that we all can comply with (and understand).  I suspect that of the 2, Peace on Earth will be easier to obtain!

I have already bought anything I previously wanted, however I would love to have keep my job for the next year.  That is something I cannot buy.

I really want an Ipod Nano...thought I was getting one for my birthday last month...but it turned out to be a camera instead.

I recently re-connected with an aunt I haven't seen since I was 2.  I wasn't sure how my call would be received.  She invited me to her home and didn't let me get in without first giving me the biggest, warmest hug.  After a long afternoon chat, the 40 plus years disappeared.  I've never experienced anything quite like it.  Whatever you call that - grace, unconditional love, forgiveness - whatever - I want that ability.

I would like for my family to truly connect.

I would like Santa to put a Wii or a new, reasonable sized flat-screen tv under the tree...BUT...since I'm Santa this year (first year I'm the only one playing Santa for my girls)...I'm pretty sure THAT'S not happening. hehe. I'll settle for the new iPod Santa got me... 🙂 Doesn't really matter what is under the tree for me anyways. I'm more excited to see my girls' faces as they open theirs Christmas morning. That is what makes Christmas so memorable!!

I would like to ask Santa to give my wife and I one day where my three boys don't fight, cry, scream, punch, kick, draw blood, etc - I am not asking for peace on earth, but is one day in just one house too much to ask?

I would like world piece, or a new ipod.  Neither is likely to happen, but I can hope right?

I would love a mini van, we are out growing our car.

Increased wealth.  Continued good health.  Peace on earth.


iPod touch


I've asked Santa to finally fix my smoke detectors, so the blasted one in the kitchen doesn't make my ears bleed every time I turn on the oven!

Jensen Ackles 🙂 Of course that is more a "who" than "what".  Also, I am not sure my husband would approve.

June.  I'm ready for summer.

Less stuff than last year. My wife has a tendency to spend too much.


More energy and a lot of willpower.  I hear it never goes on sale tho, so if I get it, someone will have to pay full price!  I'll even chip in if needed!!  ;o)

Multi employer plan regulations (ha ha just kidding!)

my son, daughter - in -law and grand kids

"My wife asked me that last night.  She says I am very hard to buy for.  I know that with her, I always listen up when she mentions something, and she's taken to dog earring catalog pages for me to make it easier, so I sometimes do the same for her.  Like on Sunday, I'll pull our the Craftsman circular and say, LOUDLY, ""Wow...this multi-tool thing is sure the bee's knees!!!!""

But this year, I just don't know what I want.  I told her a comfy recliner that I could sleep in, and she said, ""It's hard to buy one of those without you with me.""  She's, anything that's comfy is generally NOT what she'd want in the house.  When we got married, I had to toss the most comfy chair I had...a blue recliner...I could sleep in that thing (and sometimes did).  But the implied threat was that I could keep it if I wanted to sleep in it quite often by myself in a small dark basement someplace... so it's gone.  Stylish comfy recliners are truly hard to come by.  *sigh* .  I really don't know what I want... how about kicking out 20 or so Democrat senators and 50 or so Democrat Reps?  Can I ask for no passage of Health Care Reform in any shape or form?  Peace on earth?  How about ""Peach on earth""?  Might be easier....  Heck...I don't know.  Right now, I think I am getting underwear.

I know I've done a good job for my wife.  She got an early Christmas present two weeks ago...a new car...a 2009 VW CC.  I actually WAS planning on getting her a new (to us) used car for Christmas...a 2008 Infiniti M35.  Had a plan to get one and hide it at the neighbor's house and then slide it into the garage Christmas morning.  My wife is a heavy sleeper, so I am able to sneak out of bed at 1 AM and wrap all of her gifts and really surprise her.  Anyway, plans for the Infiniti were squashed when we got a GREAT (and I mean great -- like 10K off MSRP) deal on a 2009 VW CC -- VR6 sport...with almost all of the options...  So I coughed up the down payment and said, ""Merry early Christmas.""

But on top of that, I picked up a 10-piece set of All-Clad cookware. She loves All-Clad, and I've learned that no immitation will do (whether or not is says ""Martha Stewart"" or ""Wolfgang Puck"" or ""Bobby Flay"").  It MUST be All-Clad.  I know she wanted an 8 quart pot.  That alone is $299.  But the 10 piece set that INCLUDES that pot is only $620.  So I got that at Macy's.  And they gave me 15% off of that price since I hadn't used my Macy's card in 8 years.  So I got the thing, with tax, for about $560..and they tossed in another All-Clad pot as a bonus.  

Also got her a GPS (Garmin Nuvi) that was on sale at Costco...and then there's a necklace that I bought for her several months ago.  So she's cleaning up.  And I'll get underwear...and maybe some socks.  But I honestly don't know WHAT I really want.  Oy! *sigh*"

New dishwasher - a QUIET, energy efficient one.  (I have a very practical Santa)

Not sure.

Nothing, I already bought my own present.

Nothing, really.  Can't really think of anything I really want (besides world peace and cures for disease, but even Santa can't pull that off).



Raise and bonus...and NObama health care plan

Red Rider BB Gun!! 🙂

Rock-Ola jukebox

Ryobi 12V Auto Hammer

Since my husband has terminal MDS, I'd like for Santa to put a "cure" there for him; which would be a great blessing to us, both!

Some of Tiger's mistresses...

Something that I need rather than want.

TARP funds - preferably unmarked large denominations.  But I'll settle for an X-Box 360 even though I'm too old for it!

The bonus check that we were all "promised."

the re-released Snow White DVD

The three paycuts I gave up plus a raise.

This year for me at least, is not about things.  I want all my family and friends that have found themselves unemployed to find a job.  That would make my holidays much happier.

This year there really isn't anything I want under my tree.  Just my family together healthy & happy & employed.. it seems people forget that the greatest gift we have in life is each other & the love we have , no other gift comes close.  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all !

We are in the process of converting our HR and Payroll systems to go live on January 1. I'd love Santa to work his magic and make everything in the conversion work perfectly and make everyone happy. (I never said it was something I thought I could get.)

White watch

World Peace! (Go Big, I say!)