SURVEY SAYS: What's Up for Memorial Day?

May 23, 2008 ( - This week we asked readers if they would be traveling this weekend - and if so, how far.

Perhaps not surprisingly in view of the cost of fuel, a plurality ( 31.9% ) said they would be going nowhere, and 10.4% five miles or less.  At least one reader said they were going no further than “…to the nearest movie theater to see the new Indiana Jones flick.”

On the other hand, 18% said they were traveling 5-50 miles, nearly 15% were going 50-100 miles, and a significant 17.4% were traveling more than 100 miles.   However, as one reader noted, “Not out of town, but with HS graduation activities over the long weekend, probably 50-100 miles within town!”   Additionally, the math was complicated for some.   One reader noted, “I am staying home, but the other 3 members of my family are going to Orlando, FL…. so on average, well more than 100 miles.”

A Year Ago

That was in some contrast with last year’s results, where the most common answer, cited by more than a third, was that they would be traveling more than 100 miles.   Even then, the second most popular (or at least common) response (28%) was going “no where.”   While they surely weren’t as bad as now, even a year ago gas prices were an issue (see  SURVEY SAYS: How Far Will You Go This Weekend? )

Starting Points

I also asked when the three-day weekend would start for readers.   A plurality, 38%, said Friday afternoon, while one-in-five said Friday “as soon as the boss will let me” – and one-in-eight said not until Saturday.   Some were heading out sooner, of course.  “I’m leaving at 12:30 today (Wed.), but thanks to my cell and Blackberry, I am never out of reach and expect to get some calls, and tons of emails.”

And It’s not a holiday for everyone.  “Traveling on business Monday for early Tuesday meeting…ugh!” , noted one.   Or, as another noted, “As a Canadian, it will be a regular weekend for me.”

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said their weekend would start “minutes after the boss leaves.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!