SURVEY SAYS: What’s Your Can’t Miss TV Program?

May 6, 2010 ( - The clock is getting ready to run out on “24”, “Lost” is (finally) ready to find itself at an end, “Glee” is humming along, “Grey’s Anatomy” is still operating, and plenty of folks still worship “American Idol.” 

So, with your busy schedules – what one television show (if any) do you make a point not to miss?

Well, there was no confusion about the winner in this survey – “Lost” topped the list with 10.45%, narrowly edging out “24”, which garnered the support of 9.70% of this week’s respondents. 

Now, NCIS was also pretty popular (7.46%) – though most were careful to say that they were only referring to the original (Mark Harmon) version, and two of my favorites – “Glee” (whose responses were among the most animated) and “The Big Bang Theory” were fourth and fifth (6.72% and 5.97%, respectively).

None of the Above

However, it’s probably worth nothing that 6.72% also said that there was NOTHING on television these days that was worth making a point of watching.

The rest of the top ten were:

  •  3.73% – Bones
  • 3.73% – Castle
  • 2.99% – Dancing with the Stars
  • 2.99% – Desperate Housewives


While others garnering more than just a few votes were; American Idol, The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Criminal Minds, Damages, Deadliest Catch, Fringe, House, Modern Family, and Parenthood.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our bonus survey!