SURVEY SAYS: What's Your Holiday Work Schedule?

SURVEY SAYS: Last week, along with our annual favorite holiday movie survey, I asked readers what their holiday schedule would be like.

Not surprisingly, most will be open for at least part of the day Wednesday – nearly 83% said that their workplace would be open.  

A year ago – when Christmas was on a Tuesday (making for a convenient long weekend on the other side of the holiday) – nearly 55% of the Christmas 2007 respondents said their place of employment would be closed on Christmas Eve (a Monday).   Among the roughly 46% that were going to be open, last year, roughly a third said they would close early, and another quarter were closing early (albeit unofficially) – and nearly one in five (19%) were “probably” closing early (see  SURVEY SAYS: Will You Be Open Christmas Eve? ).

Closing Early?

Compare that to this year’s survey, where roughly two-thirds of this week’s respondents said that their workplace would close early; 42% simply said “yes”, but another 26% said “yes, but not officially.”   And, while 17.1% said “no”, another 15% were inclined to go with “probably.”

However, when it came to the day AFTER Christmas, things looked a little different.   Sure, more than half said that their workplaces would be open – but only 55% .   That means, of course, that the remaining 45% won’t be working (or at least won’t be working at the workplace).

Thanks to everyone who participated in out bonus survey!