SURVEY SAYS: Who is Your Favorite US President?

February 17, 2011 ( - Now, realizing that there is often a difference between the kind of people you might want to sit down with and share a cold one – and, shall we say, “other” criteria, this week I also asked readers who was their favorite US president. 

And, sure enough, there were differences.

Once again, I’ll dispense with listing the no votes.  That brings us to the US Presidents that were “cited, but not by many”:

Andrew Jackson

William Henry Harrison

Millard Fillmore

Grover Cleveland

Theodore Roosevelt

Calvin Coolidge

Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush

Barack Obama


The “second tier” favorites included:

5.7% - Thomas Jefferson

5.0% - Harry Truman

3.6% - John Adams


As for the top five favorite US Presidents,  

#5 was John F. Kennedy, chosen by 6.4%



#4 was George Washington, chosen by 6.7%



Coming in at #3 was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with 10.7%.



#2 on the list of favorites – an all the more impressive showing since he was also the top of the “most want to have a cold beverage with” list – was Abraham Lincoln, cited by 22.1%



But top of our readers most favorite US President list was… Ronald Reagan, cited by a full 24.3%.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!