SURVEY SAYS: Who's Your Pick for the NCAA Tourney?

March 15, 2007 ( - I don't know about your workplace, but my experience suggests that this past Monday morning, copies of the NCAA men's college basketball grid (or some electronic equivalent) began making the rounds.

This week I asked readers who was riding atop their grid sheet.

Well, if the tournament itself is as close as this week’s results, it will be March Madness indeed – but not much in the way of surprises.   The top two vote getters were the University of Florida Gators and the Ohio State Buckeyes (one Columbus-based respondent explained, You don’t have a choice in this town.” ), with each team drawing roughly 19% of this week’s totals.   Not far behind were the of Kansas Jayhawks ( 14% ), with the of North Carolina Tarheels (one of these expressed a sentiment common among UNC fans: I always go with North Carolina, followed by ‘anyone but Duke .’ ) and of Oregon Ducks tying for fifth place, with 9% each.   Of that top five, all are top seeds in their brackets, except for Oregon, a #3 seed.

Also cited by respondents this week were (in alphabetical order); Georgetown, Memphis, the University of Albany, UCLA, University of Wisconsin, and Wright State.

Significantly – more than 16% of this week’s respondents were looking past college basketball (or trying to).   Most were just interested in other things (or not interested in basketball – as one reader said, Basketball Smasketball.”   Another said, “March what?   All I know is, this basketball stuff is screwing up my regularly scheduled TV viewing.”   Still another noted, ” Team?   I thought March Madness was a mini series based on a romance novel to be shown on Lifetime.” ), but a significant minority had their eye on Opening Day (baseball, for the uninitiated).

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said, The only March Madness I am following is the stock market.”

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey!

Editor’s Note:  It’s always fun to look back at prior year surveys – the 2006 version is online  HERE