SURVEY SAYS: Will Thanksgiving Traditions Resume in 2021?

PLANSPONSOR NewsDash readers share what they are thankful for.

The pandemic caused many people and families to put Thanksgiving traditions on hold.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, will you resume your Thanksgiving traditions this year? I also asked them to share some things they are thankful for.

Fifty-two percent of responding readers work in a plan sponsor role; 22% are/work for recordkeepers/TPAs/investment consultants; 22% are advisers/consultants; and 4% are CPAs.

Nearly six in 10 responding readers (59%) reported that they had to put their Thanksgiving traditions on hold last year, while the rest did not. Seventy-eight percent are resuming their Thanksgiving traditions this year. Thirteen percent are resuming them with modifications, and the rest are not resuming their Thanksgiving traditions.

In verbatim comments, readers expressed excitement for resuming a more “normal” Thanksgiving this year. And, for some of those not resuming Thanksgiving traditions, it wasn’t just about the pandemic. There is no Editor’s Choice this week, but I’m wishing the best to the person whose home caught fire this year.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!

Those who shared some things they are thankful for said:

  • Job, family (children, grandchildren…), friends, all the beauty around us that God blesses us with every day.
  • The many blessings God has given to my family and me. Good health for the family and protection, especially during the pandemic. A good job that is fulfilling, provides for the family and great people to work with.
  • My husband, my family, the ability to have these things to be thankful for.
  • Family, Friends, and good Health
  • family, health, job (w/ flexibility to work remotely)
  • The wellbeing of my family.
  • I am thankful that my family is fully vaccinated and has not been affected by COVID. I pray that continues and that our country can heal.
  • HEALTH, family, friends, food and safe, warm place to live
  • family
  • I believe that being able to celebrate Thanksgiving is both a gift and a blessing. I am thankful for our great country giving us this gift and keeping it alive.
  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Health and vaccines. And that we only have 12 months left before the next election.
  • Staying healthy, the receding of Covid
  • I am so thankful that although I have cancer I am living a full life, still working and playing as much as I can!!!
  • I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy; and thankful for my family and friends!


We did not change, but some family members chose not to join us and may still do the same this year.

Too many died this year to resume “normal”. This year we figure out what the “new” normal will be.

Just like with everything else, I feel like everything should be approached cautiously. We can’t just go all out and expect no consequences, we still have to be aware of what is still going on.

We keep it small every year, so we’ve been able to manage “the usual” without interruption. Everyone is careful about taking COVID-related precautions.

It will be nice to see family again, but some are so political it might be a stressful day!

So happy my whole family is vaccinated and we can share the day together! It seems even more special after all the disruptions of 2020 and early 2021.


We celebrated Thanksgiving last year as we always did in the past and will in the future.

The resumption of our traditions have been disrupted this year, but not (technically) by COVID. Rather, it’s about the kids being older (and having to share the holidays with in-laws in different states, and COVID’s dissipation has freed those travel restrictions), as well as our parents being older (and in one case, having moved in with us). Time for some NEW traditions…

I am working to have a normal Thanksgiving even though my home caught on fire and we are in the midst of repairs. I just love this time of year.

Looking forward to the Thanksgiving fellowship, good food and watching football with family and friends!


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