SURVEY SAYS: Will You Get a Flu Shot This Year?

October 21, 2010 ( – This year’s flu season hasn’t (yet) triggered the same kind of concerns that emerged last year – about new flu strains and/or vaccine shortages. 


This week I asked readers if they planned to get one – and, if so, whether they would get it at work.

Most (69%) of this week’s respondents were, in fact, planning to get a flu shot, and most of those (74.6%) were either looking to, or already had, gotten those shots at work.  Ironically, while there were slightly fewer (on a percentage basis) planning to get the shot this year than last (see Survey Says: Will You Get a Flu Shot?), this year more respondents were planning to get that shot at work.  But the numbers were, of course, only slightly different. 

More than a quarter (26.4%) of this year’s respondents were not planning to get a shot (compared with about 24% a year ago), though 3.4% were still in the “maybe” category, and another 1% hadn’t (yet) decided.

Those numbers notwithstanding, people tend to be of two minds on the subject; there are those who refuse, almost as a matter of principle not to get the shot – and those who think the other group is, well – nuts. 

Whichever camp you’re in, you’ll find something in the verbatims on the following pages to make you shake your head! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!

I and my two sons got the flu shot at a CVS clinic on a Friday afternoon.  Took all of 10 minutes included the wait for all three of us.  Our insurance covered the expenses entirely.  After a bout with swine flu last year for my older son, we're not taking chances again.  I've always gotten the flu shot in years past at my employer.  But we've had to battle to find shots for the kids, but CVS is offering flu shots for youngsters, and they appear to have an ample supply.  I say go now while there is no wait.

Never have, never will

As part of our wellness programs, we have flu shots available every year and many employees take advantage of the convenience.

My boss decided that flu shots cost too much, so he has discontinued offering them at work.  I guess he'd rather deal with employees being absent from work to get the shot or absent because they didn't get it and are now ill.  He doesn't seem to get that absenteeism has a large price to the company too.

Walgreen's advertised that it took my insurance so my family members went there instead of the doctor's office for their shots this year.

We are charging employees $18 per shot.

Smart idea to give flu shots at work.  I am lucky to work at a place that does that.

My whole family will get flu shot

This will be the last year of company sponsored flu shots; next year it will be part of the preventive care provided through our group health plan

The firm pays for it, the nurses come in for a few days and we have very good participation every year.

I get disillusioned when I learn about half of the medical profession (doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.) don't get them. Who knows?

I have my appointment at 1:00 today. Wish me luck!

I never get a flu shot because I don't normally get the flu.  I like to think that my running builds my immune system, helping we ward off these viruses.

I am the controller at a medical clinic, so I make a point to take advantage of my free shot each year.  I also wash my hands before coming back to my desk every time I've been out in the clinic touching doorknobs and elevator buttons.

It's astounding to me how few people get an annual flu shot - and another example of how mis-information can influence behavior.  Hmm...maybe that explains why the Democrats are still in control of Congress!

I have never gotten a flu shot and have only had the flu once in the last ten years.  My children, however, receive one every year and seem to remain as healthy as three kids in school and day care could be.