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DOL to Host Webcast About HRAs

The Department of Labor (DOL) and the IRS will discuss the benefits of offering expanded options provided by new health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) and more.

Barry’s Pickings: Eugene Scalia as Secretary of Labor

Michael Barry, president of O3 Plan Advisory Services LLC, reflects on the Department of Labor’s regulatory agenda under former Secretary Alexander Acosta and wonders if Eugene Scalia will move things along more quickly.

The Retirement Industry Needs a Top Cop’s Guidance

All of the President’s cabinet secretaries have substantial authority to promulgate, interpret and enforce regulations. The DOL Secretary, in particular, can have a big influence on employer decisions and behaviors.

DOL Offers Relief to MEPs That Did Not File Correct Form 5500s

The Department of Labor (DOL) found more than 100 multiple employer plans (MEPs) in violation of a requirement to include on the Form 5500 a list of participating employers and a good faith estimate of the percentage of total contributions made by such participating employers during the plan year.

DOL Releases Final Rule on ‘Association Retirement Plans’

The rule will permit employers to connect with associations of employers in a city, county, state, or a multi-state metropolitan area, or in a particular industry nationwide, as well as a professional employer association (PEO), to provide retirement plans for their employees.

DOL Secretary Announces Resignation

The editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon says Democrats may end up regretting their calls for Acosta's resignation since his replacement could be more proactive in pushing the Trump labor agenda.

DOL Issues FAQs About Association Health Plans

The FAQs explain the Department of Labor’s (DOL)’s enforcement policy and ongoing administration of association health plans (AHPs) following a federal court ruling striking down the DOL’s most recent AHP guidance.

DOL Says Members of AHPs Can Keep Coverage for Now

After a federal district court overturned final regulations on association health plans (AHPs) from the Department of Labor (DOL), the agency says “employers participating in insured AHPs can generally maintain that coverage through the end of the plan year or, if later, the contract term.”

Barry’s Pickings: DOL’s Fiduciary Theory: Fundamentally Incoherent

Michael Barry, president of O3 Plan Advisory Services LLC, discusses the inconsistencies in the Department of Labor’s (DOL)’s theory of retirement plan sponsor fiduciary responsibility, especially with respect to participant choice, and the consequences of its failure to provide clear guidance.
Art by Claudi Kessels

Form 5500 Basics: What Sponsors Need to Know

The purpose of Form 5500 is to obtain information regarding plan design and basic plan sponsor information, and the regulatory penalties for failures in filing the form can be severe.