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Third-Party Litigation Funders and ERISA Suits

ERISA attorneys say it is not common to see third parties providing financial support to litigants in the retirement plan industry, despite the significant complexity and cost of ERISA litigation.

Eaton Vance Self-Dealing Lawsuit Settled

Though the contention in the lawsuit was over Eaton Vance’s use of mostly proprietary funds in its 401(k) plan, the settlement agreement only calls for a $3.45 million payment and no change to the fund menu.

Appellate Court Revives UPenn 403(b) Lawsuit

However, in a dissenting opinion, Senior Judge Jane Richards Roth says cases such as this one should be carefully scrutinized in order not to permit implausible allegations to result in a large settlement, under which a substantial portion of the funds are diverted to attorneys’ fees.

Boeing DC Plan Participants Sue Over Inflated Stock Price

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of participants invested in Boeing stock in all of Boeing’s defined contribution plans, alleges the firm breached its fiduciary duty by failing to inform participants of potential market losses due to 737 MAX airplane issues.

Court Orders Briefing in George Washington University ERISA Suit

The question in the lawsuit, according to a federal judge, is whether the plaintiff has standing to sue, for one, because she signed a settlement agreement with the university, and also, the defendants claim, she has not proved harm in her challenges to investments used in the university's 403(b) plan.