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U.S. Retirement System Still Ranks Low, But Slightly Improved

This year’s Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index suggests reducing pre-retirement leakage; requiring that part of the retirement benefit must be taken as an income stream; and increasing the funding level of the Social Security program are just some steps that can be taken to improve the U.S. retirement system.

When Saving More Harms Workers’ Financial Future

In the DC retirement plan industry, it is simply taken for granted that everyone should be saving more and that everyone should save as much as they possibly can; commentator Andrew Biggs offers some important caveats to the seemingly sensible recommendation.

Work for Fun in Retirement? Many Say They Will

Asked about the major reasons they want to work beyond the traditional retirement age, Americans point to both wants and needs. The most common response is that people want to stay active and involved, or that they simply enjoy working; a fifth say they expect to need to work.