The Secret to Successful RVing? Keep Your Eyes Open

May 9, 2007 ( - As Memorial Day approaches - and with it the traditional start of the vacation season - there are some lessons to be learned about the dangers associated with hitting the road in an RV.

According to a new survey of more than 1,000 RV (recreational vehicle) drivers by the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, the most common mistakes made by RVers are:

  • driving off with the steps extended,
  • backing up into a post or other stationary object,
  • misjudging the amount of overhead and/or side clearance space,
  • not connecting the tail lights correctly, and
  • running out of fuel.

A full 2% admit to mistakenly driving off and leaving a passenger behind at a campground, rest area or other stop while traveling in their RV. The person left behind most often? A spouse or significant other; pets and grandparents are least likely to be left behind.

The majority of RVers surveyed (53%) spend a month or more RVing each year and 42% travel more than 500 miles per trip.