The Segal Company Announces Executive Promotions

November 8, 2005 ( - The Segal Company, a benefit, compensation, and HR consulting firm, has announced the appointment of five Senior Vice Presidents and thirteen Vice Presidents.

According to the announcement, those named as senior vice president are:

  • David Dean specializes in providing actuarial and consulting services to large pension and health funds throughout the Midwest
  • A. Donald Morgan specializes in pension plan consulting
  • Kathryn Bakich specializes in research and analysis on federal laws and regulations affecting health coverage and is a specialist on HIPAA and the Medicare Modernization and Prescription Drug Act.
  • James Sokol– Chief Technology Officer
  • Brian Smith a vice president for the Fiduciary Liability Insurance Practice.

Those named to Vice President are:

  • James Clark– provides retirement plan consulting services to law firm and not-for-profit clients, as well as large corporate plan sponsors.
  • Joshua Shapiro –specializes in working with defined benefit pension plans.
  • Richard DeFrehn– is an actuarial technical and consulting specialist for defined benefit plans focusing on administration and outsourcing. DeFrehn also manages Segal’s Administration Consulting Practice.
  • Kelly Jones –an expert in all aspects of employee benefits, managed health care, pharmacy management and HR strategy development for institutions of higher education.
  • Michael Marks –a consulting actuary, Marks works with large corporate clients on retirement plan consulting.
  • Mitchell Bramstaedt –serves as a consultant for large health plan clients in the Midwest and is active in new business development.
  • Christopher Calvert –specializes in consumer directed health plans.
  • Kevin Wolfe –serves as a project leader for multiple clients and projects including providing HIPAA-EDI, Privacy and Security services and non-HIPAA related services.
  • K evin Sorhaitz – actuarial consultant for major Canadian clients.
  • Steven Cyboran –national absence and productivity management practice leader and as a consultant specializing in health care, disability and paid time off.
  • Steven Angel –has consulted on risk control and corporate governance issues and has worked for the Investment Management Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Kay Kardos – provides a range of human resources services for Segal staff in the west.
  • Guy Lester -Interim National Director, Sales & Marketing.