Tool Aids Advisors in Monitoring 401(k) Investments

August 7, 2006 ( - JennisonDryden Mutual Funds, Prudential Financial Inc.'s proprietary fund family, has introduced Investment Monitor, a review that helps financial advisors monitor performance of investments for their 401(k) clients.

According to the announcement, the reports help advisors determine if the investments are performing as expected against their relevant benchmarks and peer groups. Investment Monitor includes various technical measures, such as standard deviation, alpha and Sharpe ratios, and risk/return and style analysis for mutual funds from any provider.

“Fiduciary oversight is a critical aspect of the job financial advisors perform for their 401(k) clients,” said Scott Benjamin, vice president of marketing and product management for the JennisonDryden Mutual Fund family, in the announcement.

JennisonDryden funds are distributed by Prudential Investment Management Services LLC. More information can be found at .