Tool Helps Determine Investment Personality

April 8, 2013 ( – Guardian Retirement Solutions launched its Retirement Style Matters website in conjunction with National Retirement Planning Week.

The core feature of the website is a “What’s My Retirement Style” assessment tool to help employees and their financial advisers gain a better understanding of employees’ financial behaviors and personality and base a retirement strategy on those findings. The site identifies four different retirement styles, or personalities, to give employees insight into who they are and how they invest: The Connector, The Analyst, The Seeker and The Adventurer.

In addition, the site offers financial literacy features such as: 

  • “How Will You Spend Today?” planning activity that helps put retirement spending in perspective in a fun and engaging way;
  • “Design Your Future” workbook that includes a number of exercises to help clients build their retirement blueprint;
  • “What’s Your Gap?” exercise that helps pre-retirees determine if their planned sources of income are sufficient after retirement or if they will suffer from a retirement income gap;
  • Valuable educational articles on retirement planning and lifestyle; and
  • User-friendly charts with key retirement statistics.


There is also a Retirement Style Matters Facebook page to offer insights into retirement planning and lifestyle articles, and act as an interactive forum for users to share ideas and post questions.

The website is at