Top Six Sigma Execs Average $227K in Total Comp

July 11, 2006 ( - A new survey found that Top Six Sigma Executives pull in a median salary of $191,000 and total cash compensation of $227,000.

The survey of 114 organizations in the US and Canada that utilize the Six Sigma quality improvement method found that compensation for the top three Six Sigma jobs was strongly related to revenue, according to a press release. Additionally, Six Sigma executives and managers in the largest organizations – those with revenue over $10 billion – earn a significant premium over those in smaller organizations.

According to the release, the survey results showed that the average median salary for a Director of Deployment is $138,000, while a Six Sigma Master Black Belt pulls in $111,500. Total median cash compensation for these two positions is $165,000 and $126,800, respectively.

Over two-thirds of Top Six Sigma Executives and over one-half of Directors of Deployment were eligible for long-term incentives. Stock options were more prevalent in public organizations, and the survey more frequently found long-term cash in private organizations.

Pay levels for Six Sigma professionals working in the Northeast and on the West Coast were higher than those in other parts of the country. Pay levels for Green Belts and Black Belts in administrative and staff functions were higher than those in manufacturing and engineering functions.

The survey report is available for purchase by calling 1-800-573-7781 or on .