Towers Perrin Launches Web-Based Framework Software

October 21, 2003 ( - Towers Perrin has come out with a Web-based version of its human resource software product that supports job valuation and pay structure maintenance.

Towers Perrin Framework version 6.0 contains two modules, according to a news release.    The first module is Evaluation Framework, which examines the relative worth of different jobs.   The evaluation is done by using Towers Perrin’s global Career Map methodology, which measures the relative worth of a job and encompasses a number of different areas, including:

  • internal alignment within and across job families
  • links to external competitive market pay data from Towers Perrin’s Comp Online, the firm’s source for data on pay rates across different industries and countries
  • opportunities for career growth and a clear understanding of what differentiates available career paths.

The second module, Pay Framework, is used to create, cost and maintain pay and grading structures.   More information about Towers Perrin is available at .