Towers Perrin Rolls Out New Executive Comp Service

July 2, 2003 ( - Compensation professionals should note Towers Perrin has launched a new executive compensation data collection, analysis, research and information services unit of the firm's Executive Compensation consulting practice.

Executive Compensation Resources (ECR) provides three services to gather and analyze executive compensation data in addition to the resources from recent Towers acquisition Executive Compensation Advisory Services (ECAS), a proxy research and analysis firm, according to a news release.

ECR’s services will be separate from those provided elsewhere within Towers Perrin’s Executive Compensation practice with all of ECR’s information gathered and analyzed from publicly available materials and available among the three new services:

  • US Proxy Pay Level Database – provides compensation information on named senior executive officers at roughly 2,000 publicly traded companies in the US   This service is available through a subscription.
  • Proxy Practice and Design Database – accessible through custom research requests that categorize compensation policies and practices at more than 1,100 companies against as many as 700 variables.
  • ECRonline – a subscription Web-based newsletter that also includes access to a reference library of Towers Perrin’s executive compensation research, tools and modelers, verbatim texts of executive compensation-related filings, and separately retailed special reports on issues that are relevant to the executive compensation agenda.

More information about Towers Perrin is available at .