TRA Debuts All-Platform-Friendly Website

Through responsive Web design, the TRA website delivers full functionality and content across multiple devices.


In response to the growing use of smartphones and tablets, The Retirement Advantage Inc. (TRA) has redesigned and refreshed its website to make all of its features equally accessible, whether by smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The third-party administrator (TPA), along with digital marketing agency Ritter Knight Creative, designed the site after conducting research and analyzing audience data, which showed a growing demand for such flexibility. “Our own mobile traffic has grown 37% year on year,” says Bill Sunagel, marketing and communications director for TRA. Last year alone, 17%of the company’s traffic came from a mobile platform.

To build a site that adapts automatically to the user’s device, the two companies used responsive Web design, a methodology combining front-end and server-side technologies to customize the content features and functionality, while optimizing the viewing experience.

“Our new mobile site not only means that users will be able to reach our content faster … but having rebuilt it from the ground up will also enable us to release new features, improvements and updates more often in response to user feedback,” Sunagel says.

TRA is a third-party administrator and consultant to plans for small, privately held businesses. Ritter Knight Creative provides custom website design, among other creative and production services.

More information about TRA can be found here.