Travelers Offers Employment Risk Management Tool

June 27, 2001 ( - Travelers Bond has unveiled Risk Management PLUS+, an online tool for managing employment-related risk.

Employers insured by Travelers can tap into the service at no additional cost.

The Agos Group, LLC, developed risk Management PLUS+ exclusively for Travelers. It provides employers with a set of web-based tools that can help decrease exposure to employment suits, while providing access to up-to-date legislative or regulatory developments.

Web-based Training

The platform also provides a series of web-based materials, including training on:

  • sexual harassment, including tracking of which employees were trained, when, and the particular content of that training
  • the Family Medical Leave Act
  • the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • discrimination
  • hiring practices
  • workplace violence

The service also offers weekly training bulletins and a self-audit feature.

Search Me

Employers can also tap into a searchable database of employment articles and scenarios, including the ability to request future articles on specific topics.

Sample employment policies and forms can be downloaded from the site and customized to fit the employer’s needs. Employers can also warehouse their own employment policies and forms online through Risk Management PLUS+ Online.

The site also offers the flexibility and security of customized access, so that training can be tracked, assigned and implemented at the management and employee level.

Travelers has also included a toll free hotline staffed by attorneys from the national employment firm of Jackson Lewis. Employers can call the hotline and receive general guidance on employment issues directly, with no time limit on hotline usage by insureds.