TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Presidential Monuments and Memorials in D.C.

How many presidential monuments or memorials are in Washington, D.C.?

Answer: 17  

They are: 

  1. Washington Monument  
  2. George Washington Statue at Washington National Cathedral 
  3. George Washington Statue at National Museum of American History 
  4. Thomas Jefferson Memorial 
  5. Jefferson Statue at the Jefferson Memorial 
  6. The James Madison Memorial Building 
  7. Andrew Jackson Statue 
  8. Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site 
  9. Lincoln Memorial 
  10. Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Memorial 
  11. Abraham Lincoln Statue at the National Cathedral 
  12. Lincoln Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home 
  13. Grant Memorial at the U.S. Capitol 
  14. James A. Garfield Statue at the U.S. Capitol 
  15. Theodore Roosevelt Island on the Potomac River 
  16. Woodrow Wilson House 
  17. FDR Memorial 
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