TRIVIAL PURSUITS: What Future Famous Explorer Accompanied Columbus?

October 12, 2010 ( - Besides the famous one in 1492, Christopher Columbus led several voyages of discovery to the new world.  

In fact, one of the 1200 men who accompanied him on his second voyage in 1493 would later become a well-known explorer as well.  Do you know who that was? 

Answer:  Ponce de Leon  

In September 1493, some 1200 sailors, colonists, and soldiers joined Christopher Columbus for his second voyage to the New World. Ponce de León was a member of this expedition, one of 200 “gentleman volunteers.”  

Ponce de Leon (more precisely Juan Ponce de León y Figueroa) became the first Governor of Puerto Rico by appointment of the Spanish crown – and he led the first European expedition to Florida, which he named. He is perhaps most famously associated with the legend of the Fountain of Youth, reputed to be in Florida.