TRUSTlynx Extends Managed Acct. Product to Advisors

May 7, 2004 ( - Unitized Managed Accounts are now directly available to financial advisors, TRUSTlynx announced.

A news release said the company gives advisors, broker/dealers and third-party administrators (TPAs) the ability to offer a managed, customized investment strategy for their clients at a competitive price.

According to the product description on the TRUSTlynx Web site, a plan establishes one or more managed accounts for the plan’s participants. TRUSTlynx sets up the plan account and attaches the managed accounts to the associated plan.

The managed accounts’ unit price is calculated each night based on the total market value of the managed accounts, which is then divided by the total number of units owned in the managed accounts, according to TRUSTlynx. Plan participants own units in the managed accounts’ portfolios in which they choose to invest. Participants do not own shares of the mutual funds held in the managed accounts’ portfolios; they own a unit in the managed account.

TRUSTlynx provides custody and electronic trading support services of daily valued and defined benefit retirement plan assets. For more information, go to .