TUESDAY TRIVIA: Which Former Presidents Are Honored in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Although it didn’t exist at the time of their presidencies, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame decided to recognize former presidents’ wrestling feats.

Which former presidents are honored in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler as a young man. According to History.com, he was defeated only once in approximately 300 matches.

Carl Sandburg’s biography of Lincoln says he once challenged an entire crowd of onlookers after defeating an opponent. “I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns,” Lincoln reportedly said, but there were no takers.

Lincoln is featured in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s “Presidential Grapplers” exhibit with eight other U.S. Presidents who wrestled, including George Washington, John Adams and Theodore Roosevelt.

However, Lincoln was given an “Outstanding American” honor by the museum.

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