UK Workers Fight for Their Right To Go Potty

February 21, 2003 ( - British employers who penalize workers for their time in the water closet are being flushed out.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has launched the “Gotta Go” campaign to close a loophole in the law governing employee bathroom breaks.   As the law stands now, employers are required to provide restrooms for their workers, but they are not bound to let them do their business when they need to, according to a Reuters report.

With “Gotta Go” the national trades union body is hoping to effect change, allowing employees to answer the call of nature without being docked in pay.   Through the program, the worst offenders will be named in an effort to shame them into changing their potty practices.

“It’s incredible to think that in the 21st century workers are still being penalized for going to the loo,” TUC spokesman Brendan Barber said in a statement.   “Employers clinging to Dickensian bathroom break policies should understand that if they trusted and respected their staff, they would end up with a healthier, better motivated, more productive workforce.”