United Airline Pilots Get Retirement Planning Help

April 7, 2014 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – Cleary Gull, Inc. announced a new pre-retirement planning program for United Airlines pilots and their 401(k) plans.

Cleary Gull’s ClearWealth Pre-Retirement Program allows pilots to work with an outside adviser to create a professionally managed portfolio within their 401(k) plan via their plan’s Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account brokerage window.

Research by Cleary Gull shows nearly one-quarter (24%) of pilots already work with an adviser, and 64% say they wish to work with an adviser to help meet retirement goals. In addition, research shows 60% of pilots use a brokerage window to invest in individual stocks or mutual funds that are not included in their plan’s investment lineup.

“Most pilots now have to work longer and save more in order to reach their retirement goals,” says Bob Warner, managing director and leader of the pilot retirement practice at Cleary Gull, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “Many are seeking outside guidance to help them with the complexity and fully utilizing the brokerage window to maximize asset class diversification, integrate the highest quality funds into their portfolio, and potentially augment their retirement accumulation and income goals.”

Warner adds, “Taking advantage of the brokerage window can give pilots more options and more control. The more investment choices your retirement plan offers, the more advantages you have when building your strategy and plan. For this reason, we encourage pilots to take full advantage of the brokerage window in their plan.”

Cleary Gull is a provider of specialized financial services such as investment management and investment banking. More information is available here under the heading “The Pilot Program.”