US Employers Spy on One in Three

July 10, 2001 ( - Over a third of US employees with a workplace online connection are having their Internet and e-mail usage monitored continuously, according to a study.

The study, conducted by The Privacy Foundation, concentrated on systematic surveillance of workers, analyzed figures from publicly traded companies that sell surveillance software.

According to the study of the 100 million workers online around the world, 27 million are under some sort of online surveillance, while in the US:

  • of the 40 million workers online, 14 million are having their Internet or e-mail usage monitored,
  • of those, 6.25 million are having their e-mail monitored,
  • while 7.75 million workers are having their Internet connections tapped.

In addition, continuous e-mail surveillance has grown at double the rate as the total number of US employees with Internet access, in the last few years.

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