US Equity Funds Rebound In February

March 2, 2005 ( - US equity funds had a good February, posting positive returns on the month after a dismal January.

After a 2.71% fall in the  previous month , February, buoyed by a conclusion to the Iraqi election and a general feeling of January overselling, saw gains of 2%, according to Standard & Poor’s.

Value funds were the top performers on the month, with an average 2.88% gain. Blend funds followed with average returns of 2.21%, while growth funds had a more difficult month, bringing in an average of 1.5%.

By asset class, mid-cap equity funds were the best performing mutual fund, posting average gains of 2.47%. Small-cap followed close behind with 2.21% average gains, while large-cap funds brought up the rear with 1.9% returns.

All nine investment styles monitored by S&P posted positive gains on the month, while the S&P 500 brought in gains of 2.1%, which is slightly above the average US equity mutual fund.