Using the Office Loo

May 24, 2002 ( - A trip to the lavatory may seem like a good opportunity for a quick emotional breakdown or just to enjoy a few luxurious moments of solitude.

But that’s apparently not the way most US office workers look at their office loo, according to a survey conducted for US paper goods manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Corp.

According to a Reuters news report, a whopping 92% of respondents said they only trek to the lav for the obvious reason: to use the plumbing. Then it’s straight back to their office cube and back to work. A scant 2% reported heading for the rest room to “hide or get away.”

That doesn’t mean employees can do their bathroom business without any creature comforts. Survey respondents said they wouldn’t mind having a warm seat, a back rub, or even music – with headphone provided.

More than a quarter of respondents said their employer should put out magazines and newspapers in the bathroom stalls. Some 12% called for masseuses and manicurists.

Respondents also detailed their loo-related nightmares:

  • asking someone to share toilet paper, 15%
  • having to run out of the stall in search of toilet paper, 13%