VA Judge Blocks 'Day of Rest' Law

July 6, 2004 ( - Virginia employers facing the prospect of a new law forcing them to give workers Saturdays or Sundays off as a "day of rest" got a last-minute reprieve from a judge.

Judge T.J. Markow granted a 90-day injunction blocking the measure from taking effect over the weekend at the emergency request of several Virginia companies. The judge acted reluctantly, saying he believed he was encroaching upon the legislature’s prerogative, the Associated Press reported.

Employers across the Old Dominion State – notably owners of factories, stores, utilities and restaurants – were alarmed over the prospect of complying with the new law while still having to cover weekend or round-the-clock shifts (See

VA Companies Panic Over “Sabbath” Day Off Law ).

“The gun has at least been removed from their hand and put back in the holster,” said Hugh Keough, president and chief executive of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.