Van Kampen Unveils Three Fund of Funds

October 2, 2006 ( - Van Kampen Funds Inc. has launched the Van Kampen Asset Allocation Funds, a series of target risk open-end mutual funds.

The products, each a fund of funds, are portfolios of individual Van Kampen Funds spanning multiple asset classes and investment styles, employing a strategic asset allocation designed to achieve a targeted balance of risk and return, according to a company news release.

The new offerings include, according to the news release:

  • Van Kampen Asset Allocation Conservative Fund
  • Van Kampen Asset Allocation Moderate Fund
  • Van Kampen Asset Allocation Growth Fund.

According to the announcement, the three new offerings each seek a high level of long-term total return, consistent with a low, moderate and high level of risk, respectively. The funds will pursue their investment objectives by investing in a distinctly-weighted combination of Van Kampen mutual funds which, in turn, invest in a variety of US and foreign equity, fixed income and money market securities.

Van Kampen Funds Inc. is a subsidiary of Van Kampen Investments Inc. More information is at .