Vanguard Adds Fund Expense Disclosures

October 22, 2003 ( - The Vanguard Group has started disclosing additional information about the operating expenses of its funds in its 2003 shareholder reports.

According to a news release from the suburban Philadelphia mutual fund company, the latest round of reports include a table showing the dollar cost an investor would incur over the fund’s latest fiscal year. The data is calculated on a $10,000 investment and uses the fund’s actual expenses and total return for the period, Vanguard said.

Vanguard said it developed the new presentation to be more accessible and investor friendly. The new expense disclosures were included the recently published 2003 annual reports for Vanguard Money Market Funds, Vanguard US Growth Fund, Vanguard PRIMECAP Fund, Vanguard International Growth Fund, and Vanguard Calvert Social Index Fund.

In a related move, Vanguard has also developed an online cost calculator for investors seeking to compare fund costs. The cost calculator, featured on ,  enables investors to conduct customized cost comparisons of a wide range of stock and bond funds, with the ability to change time period, investment amount, and investment return.