Vanguard to Offer Free Advice From Financial Engines

March 1, 2001 ( - Vanguard and Financial Engines are teaming up to offer investment advice to Vanguard clients and retail investors.

Vanguard will be the first investment management firm to offer Financial Engines’ Investment Advisor service at no charge to employer plan participants, or individual retail investors.

Vanguard and Financial Engines expect a second quarter 2001 rollout of the Advisor service for participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans.

A new feature of the Financial Engines platform will offer total portfolio, tax-efficient investment advice to Vanguard’s individual investors, designed to help them better manage the impact of personal taxes.

That service is expected to help investors:

  • Avoid transactions that trigger capital gains taxes
  • Rebalance intelligently using tax-deferred accounts and new savings
  • Identify whether an investment should be placed in a tax-deferred or taxable account
  • Evaluate investment performance on an after-tax basis

Retail investors will get access to the service later this year.