Venture-Backed Firms Generate Richer Comp Packages

March 31, 2006 ( - Executives at firms backed by venture capital are taking home fatter paychecks these days.

A news release from VentureOne said it latest data show the executives at venture-backed firms are pulling in about $10,000 more in total compensation than they were a year ago. The overall total salary and bonus compensation for CEOs of venture-backed companies is a median $263,000, according to the latest survey, compared to $252,000 at this point last year. In addition, CEOs reportedly earned larger bonuses – a median $50,000, compared to $40,000 in March 2005, according to the announcement.

In other positions, VentureOne vice-presidents also are earning a median $10,000 more than last year, or $180,000 in total compensation. Director-level positions, meanwhile, are generating $130,000 in total compensation, about $5,000 more than last year.

Drilling down into the data by industry, the CEOs of health care companies continue to earn the largest median base salary at $250,000, as they have for several years . That compares to the median $230,000 salary they earned a year ago. The median base salary for CEOs of information technology and products and services companies is $220,000. For the product and services CEOs, that figure is unchanged from a year ago. But for IT CEOs, that represents a $17,000 per year increase.

Regardless of industry, the median amount of equity in their companies that CEOs reported receiving is 5%, about the same as last year.

By geography, CEOs based in northern California and the Potomac region earn the largest total compensation packages, at $275,000, followed by Southern California at $265,000, and New York, at $260,000, the news release said.

VentureOne compiles data on 138 different titles at 722 venture-backed companies — representing nearly 8,100 individuals. More than 700 executives at US venture-backed companies participated in the survey, which is annualized as of March 2006.

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