Veto of Connecticut Health Care Bill not Overridden

July 24, 2009 ( - Connecticut legislators failed this week to override Governor M. Jodi Rell's veto of a bill that would have opened up the health insurance program covering state employees to other participants.

According to Business Insurance, supporters of the bill said allowing Connecticut municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and employers with fewer than 50 employees to be part of a much bigger purchasing entity by joining the state program would result in lower rates compared with buying coverage on their own. However, Rell asserted in her veto message that the measure would boost costs for the state and taxpayers because those most likely to join the program would be the heavy health service users (see Conn. Lawmakers to Consider Rell Health Bill Veto Override ).

She also complained the bill would have forced the state to stop buying coverage in the commercial market and switch to a self-insured plan, a move that also would increase costs for the state because of existing contractual agreements.

The news report said lawmakers did override another veto of a measure to start to move the state close to universal health care coverage. That measure calls for the establishment of a nine-member board to develop by January 1, 2011, the outline of a universal health care system in the state.