Video Series Focuses on Women’s Personal Finances

Lincoln Financial Group has launched a video interview series about women and personal finance.

Lincoln Financial Group has created a new video series designed to start a dialogue about personal finance issues that women face.

The first installment features three financial planning tips for women from Elizabeth Liechty, who is senior partner and founder of Charter Financial Group, as well as a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors and board member of Lincoln Financial’s WISE (Women Inspiring, Supporting, Educating) group.

“Our M.O.O.D of America survey found that 48% of women feel comfortable having conversations about their finances versus 54% of their male counterparts,” Liechty says. “We want to get women engaged in financial planning, and feel[ing] empowered in the process so we can help drive that figure higher.”

In the video, Liechty discusses how to create a financial road map, choose the right financial adviser and start financial planning early. She suggests women review spending and saving habits; find advisers through online resources and referrals from friends; and think about the future now to ensure they meet their financial goals and leave a legacy to the next generation. 

The video is available here.