Volt Services Releases End-To-End Recruitment Software

April 17, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com)-The staffing business unit of Volt Information Sciences, Inc. has released its integrated recruitment process management application, VoltTrack RPO, which allows for data tracking and reporting, integration with online job boards, resume parsing technology, and job portal and online application tools.

The software provides the underlying connectivity, which, when combined with the company’s recruitment process outsourcing capabilities, is meant to speed hiring processes.

“A key feature of VoltTrack RPO is that it comprises modular components, so if an organization has already made significant IT investments in one or more areas, existing systems and processes can be seamlessly integrated,” said Jerry Shaw, executive vice president of Volt, in a statement.

Volt claims that the average cost of replacing an employee is approximately 25% of that employee’s total annual compensation, so a swifter hiring process leads to reduced costs.   

Shaw adds that “With VoltTrack RPO technology coupled with our full suite of recruitment process outsourcing services, organizations can be confident that their talent acquisition requirements are being effectively managed, end users are receiving optimum service levels, and human capital investment is being maximized.”