Web Site Allows Workers to Tattle on Bosses

September 28, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A new Web site will give job seekers an insight to their potential bosses, according to a press release.

The Web site eBossWatch allows job seekers to look up the names of potential supervisors, giving them a warning of whether they might be getting a bad boss.

An individual can enter their boss’s first and last name, company name, city, and state, and then rate the boss by indicating to what extent they agree or disagree with six statements:

  • I feel like there is open and honest communication between my boss and me.
  • I feel like my boss cares about me as a person.
  • I feel like my boss cares about my career development.
  • I trust and respect my boss.
  • I like working for my boss.
  • I recommend this person as a good boss to work for.

Job seekers can look up the names of prospective managers and companies, and, if they find them, get a report for $3.99 each.