Website Links Personality to Retirement Planning

November 26, 2012 ( Personality plays a large role in the way people plan for retirement, Guardian Retirement Solutions contends.

To help people understand that who they are affects how they invest and to bring clarity and focus to the planning process, the company launched a new website, Retirement Style Matters.  

“Guardian’s Retirement Style Matters website is an assessment and engagement tool that focuses on the links between retirement planning, personality and the need to be understood,” said Doug Dubitsky, vice president of Product Management & Development for Retirement Solutions. “With the help of Dr. Daniel Crosby, Guardian has identified four different retirement styles, or personalities, that can give people insight into who they are and how they invest.”   

The four personality types are: The Connector, The Analyst, The Seeker and The Adventurer. Certain personality typesThe Seeker, for instancecrave security and predictability and might be ideal candidates for the type of “lifestyle sustainability” that CDs, fixed-income investments or annuities can offer.   

Armed with this knowledge, the pre-retiree can work with his financial professional to develop a holistic retirement plan.   

The website is at