Winklevoss Unveils Pension 'What-If' Scenario Generator

October 29, 2003 ( - Winklevoss Technologies has released a desktop tool kit for plan sponsors, investment advisors and consultants to answer "what-if" questions surrounding pension plan disclosure and budgeting.

ProVal PS, a companion product to ProVal, allows plan sponsors to answer questions surrounding financial sensitivities and asset allocation in addition to disclosure and budgeting, according to a news release.    Among the projections and variables that can be accounted for:

  • What should be budgeted for next year’s expense?
  • What should be budgeted for next year’s contribution?
  • Will this year’s disclosure include a reduction to equity?
  • What will be the plan’s future contributions and expense?
  • What if investment returns are poor?
  • What if inflation is higher?
  • What if interest rates change?
  • What contributions and expense are expected under the plan’s current asset mix?
  • What is the potential downside?
  • Are there alternative asset mixes that will better meet the plan’s goals?

Visit  to download a demonstration version of the software or see a Flash demo of the software.   Further information is available at the company’s Web site, or by contacting Joe Gilbert at (203) 861-5514.