WinningHabits Launches 2005 Employee Wellness Assessment Solution

January 4, 2005 ( - WinningHabits has announced the launch of its 2005 WinningHabits Employee Wellness Assessment, a current health risk assessment (HRA) solution.

The program is meant to assess a person’s health, and help them reduce the number of risks they face, as well as reduce corporate health care costs, according to a press release from the company.

The WinningHabits program includes, according to the release:

  • Up-to-date research to base the HRA on
  • Evaluation of a person’s willingness to change their behavior
  • Adoption of recommendations to personal learning styles
  • The ability to track individual progress
  • Reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Alignment of personal and corporate goals

Both the employee and employer are given the information from the 15 minute test so that the former can attempt to improve their health and the latter can track and forecast health care costs.

WinningHabits is a Dallas-based provider of corporate wellness and lifestyle management solutions.