Work Friendships Can Be Very Close for Some

Respondents to a survey reported being comfortable talking with work friends about their love life as well as their salary.

A study of 3,000 full-time workers by Olivet Nazarene University finds 82% consider someone they work with as a friend.


One-fifth (21%) indicated they become friends with a coworker within days, while nearly one-third (30%) said they do so within weeks. For 22%, it takes a couple of months, and for 27%, it take six months or more.


Eighteen percent reported they talk with or message work friends about things unrelated to work for more than one hour on a typical day. Twenty-two percent said they spend 30 to 60 minutes; 30% spend less than 30 minutes; and 30% spend a few minutes or less.


However, some of the conversation can be very personal. Nearly two-thirds (64%) indicated they are comfortable talking about conflicts with coworkers with one of their work friends, while 58% are comfortable talking about their love life. More than half (53%) are comfortable talking with one of their work friends about health issues, and one-third are comfortable discussing financial issues.


The survey found nearly seven in 10 (68%) talk with some work friends about how much money they make.


Sixty-two percent of respondents hang out with work friends outside of work, and 53% reported their work friends have met their non-work friends, while 69% said their work friends have met their significant other.


When it comes to staying in touch with work friends they no longer work with, 55% indicated they stay in touch a little, 18% stay closely in touch and 27% barely stay in touch.


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