Work, Workers Leave Desks

May 28, 2002 ( - Workers are spending less time at their desks - and more time standing - according to the Steelcase Workplace Index Survey.

This survey of roughly 1,000 office workers found that, on average, workers are spending only one-half of the full workweek actually working at their desks, while a full 42% spend the majority of their working day standing as opposed to sitting at their desks or in another position.

Respondents report spending, on average, seven hours per week in meetings away from their desks, and nearly two-thirds (64%) of workers polled report they stand rather than sit or practice an alternative posture (i.e. reclining, leaning) while engaged in impromptu meetings.
The survey also reported that:

  • 57% of workers say they have been expected to increase their level of productivity to make up for a reduced staff at their company
  • 60% of workers spend time working at home in addition to time spent working at the office
  • 25% of workers surveyed reported missing work in the past year due to physical discomfort.